Hubba Hubba NX Review


I recently purchased the Hubba Hubba NX ultralight hiking tent for my adventures. And so far I am very impressed with its capabilities. The Hubba Hubba NX is an award winning 2 person ultralight hiking tent made by MSR. It weighs in at 1.72 kg.

What I needed from A tent:

  • roomy enough for me to safely store my camera gear inside (save it from getting wet)

  • long enough for my extra long legs, #tootallforthisworld

  • sturdy enough to survive an Australian / New Zealand storm (hikes in NZ planned for next year), and

  • light enough to not break my back when hiking with extra camera weight

Since purchasing the tent I have taken it out a few times, and overall I’m pretty pleased with my purchase. I found it relatively easy to set up the first time, there are instructions sewn into the tent bag and colour coordinated loops to make things easy. I also watched a quick video tutorial before I departed on my adventure watch here.

The tent can be set up in multiple styles:

Full setup

Don't forget to purchase the optional footprint to make you tent last longer.

Inner Only

Perfect to keep those flies and mosquitos away on those dry hot nights under the stars.

Lightweight Setup

The lightweight option weighs in at 1.19kg including: Rain fly, poles, pegs and footprint

Is the Hubba Hubba NX waterproof?

My first night in the tent was extremely wet… well outside was, I was toasty and dry on the inside. This tent passed the first test: keep me dry in heavy rain. I did notice in the morning that water had made its way in between the footprint (optional extra) and the floor fabric, however, everything remained dry inside. I have since camped in rain without this issue occurring and believe it was due to the slight slope the tent was set up on.

It actually fits 2 people

I hadn’t planned on actually sleeping 2 people in the Hubba Hubba but decided to give it a try and I was surprised at just how comfy and roomy it was. 2 grown men fit side by side without any issues at all with our gear stored in the vestibules.

The tent bag

The tent bag has a wide opening making it extremely easy to pack up. And to save space while hiking it's a good option to remove the poles from the bag so it compresses down much tighter. Your poles can easily be stored on the outside of your pack. However, I wouldn’t recommend having your lightweight tent like this. It would be too easy to get it snagged in Australia's harsh bushland.

Final Thoughts

The tent was almost long enough for this Lankyman. For all regular sized people, it would be perfect. And there was plenty of space for my camera gear next to my camp mat.

As soon as light hits the tent the inside becomes very bright, making it hard to sleep in. Which could be a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. 

Overall I love this tent and have been recommending it to all my fellow adventurers.


  • Lightweight 1.72 kg

  • Roomy

  • Waterproof

  • 3 Season

  • Free standing

  • Wide mouth bag

  • Pack poles separately

  • Easy to setup

  • Slept 2 people comfortably


  • Bright when the sun hits it

  • Thin stuff bag easy to snag

  • Could be longer for us tall folk


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