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MoneyBall is a hand drawn lettering responsive logo for an online fantasy league sports betting website. The website is Australia’s first Daily and Weekly fantasy sports platform with no commitment, where you can take on your mates and win real money.

The client wanted a unique classic sports inspired logo. I drew inspiration from classic American sport teams logos and went about creating my own script for the logo. A number of variations were drawn and the final version was picked. The logo needed to be responsive so that it worked at all sizes, this meant that 3 versions needed to be designed. One with the web url in the swoosh of the letter Y to be used in large areas. Then when the logo was used slightly smaller and the url was no longer legible, the regular logo is used. And for use in very small spaces and mobile screens an icon version was created using the letter M inside a circle.

The logo on the business card is embossed which adds a bit of texture to make it more memorable.

Moneyball Australia

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