The Warrumbungles | Hike


Distance: 14.5km loop
Time: 5 hours
Grade: 4

A few weeks ago I went on a pretty amazing 15km hike with my brother and sister around the Breadknife and the Grand High Tops of the Warrumbungles. The Warrumbungles are a mountain range in NSW near Coonabarabran, with stunning rock formations left over from an extinct volcano. This trail allows you to get up close to the stunning rock formations as you weave your way to the top.

The trail is regarded as one of the best walks in NSW, a climb to the top of the range reveals stunning views of the formations and valley below. The hike can be a bit of a challenge because of a large number of steps (it's a lot), however, the path is paved a lot of the way and the steps have all been replaced since the fire in 2013.

It was a perfect winter day without a cloud in the sky and only a slight wind. Great conditions for flying my Mavic Pro drone. The view from the bird was incredible. Enjoy the video.