Why You Shouldn't Throw Away Your Mavic Pro Box

A quick guide on how to protect your Mavic Pro controller thumb-sticks


Step 1 - Is as easy as saving the box!

Step 2 - Cut out the moulded plastic that was used to house the controller.

Step 3 - Place it over the controller when using the Mavic Pro Fly More bag.


Have you recently purchased the DJI Mavic Pro Fly More pack and are looking for a way to protect the controller thumbsticks in the provided bag?

I have had my Mavic Pro for a couple of months now and I have to say that the Mavic Pro bag that was included with the fly more package is perfect… well almost perfect. It's small but manages to fit the drone, controller, 2 spare batteries and a few other chords or memory cards. This is perfect for when I am going on a hike as it is no bigger than a small DSLR bag. The only problem is is that the thumb sticks on the controller get pressed against the bag and although I haven’t had any issues I can’t see this as being a good thing further down the track.

I have seen a bunch of people 3d printing different solutions for holding the thumbsticks in place, which is great if you want to pay for it or have access to a 3d printer but I have found an easier solution. SAVE THE BOX.

Simply grab a box cutter and cut out the section of the moulded box that was used to protect the thumbsticks on the controller. Use this as a cover when storing your controller in the bag. It can be held in place with a rubber band if you like but I find that the bag tightness is enough to hold it in place.