Among Giants | Homemade cola pen
Homemade cola pen made in Manly, Sydney. Experimental custom lettering created with the cola pen and black ink by Luke Mallinson at Among Giants
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Homemade Cola Pen

Homemade Cola Pen

No that is not a prison shank. I actually found a cool use for an empty beer can… turn it into a cola pen.

After cutting up a VB can and creating a nib, I then used some electrical tape to attach it to the end of a stick I found at the park down the street. It was then time to get messy and experimental with some custom hand lettering.

I was pleased with the results and loved the grungy splatter effect.

My partner in crime in this creative exploration was Stephen Grace, you can check out his work here



Cola Pen RadThe word Rad written with a home made cola pen. Lots of ink splatterThe word Victor written in splattered ink with a cola pen


The word Victor written in splattered ink with a cola pen

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